About Dr. Gustavo H. Day M.D.

A Doctor You Can Trust

Gustavo H. Day M.D. and his professional staff believe in making their patients feel at home when they visit the practice. Dr. Gustavo Day likes to personalize the internal care experience; this means doing more than just helping the patient achieve a healthy lifestyle.

  • 7777 Forest Ln Ste 416 Building B

    Dallas, Texas 75230

  • Mon - Fri

    6am - 5pm (walk-ins until 4:30pm)

  • MAIN: 972-566-6764
    REFERRALS LINE: 214-682-6935
    PRESCRIPTION LINE: 469-274-4995

    FAX: 972-566-6968

When You Can't Get to the Doctor's Office

Your Doctor at Your Doorstep

Can't get to the doctor's office? No worries. Our enhanced patient services team will get a doctor to you.


Mariana Day

Office Manager

tj gill

TJ Gill

Nurse Practitioner

Gerry Vallejo

Business Development

Florencia Meza

Medical Assistant Supervisor

Antonio Bobadilla

MA/Allergy Testing

Paola Torres

Referral Coordinator

Ruth Tovar medical assistant for dr gustavo day

Ruth Tovar

MA (Rx Refills)

Rosa Tovares


Abby Hernandez

Front Desk

Office Location

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